Raakesh Agarvwal Designer at Wills Fashion Week

There is nothing better then being charmed and dazzled by the glamorous collections of Indian designers. Their collections vivid with colour as well as rich with Indian culture, which is particularly exciting and intriguing for us westerners. That is why it is so exhilarating when there is a fashion show that focuses just on Indian designer clothing. Last week we had the infamous Lakme Fashion Week, a mixture of Bollywood beauties and scintillating styles with innovative silhouettes and colours that left us reeling. With one fashion show finishing we can’t wait for the start of the next Indian Fashion Show, Wills Fashion Week, held in Delhi and starting on 26th March. The show promises splendor with couture designers arriving from all over India.

One particular designer we can’t wait to see at Wills Fashion Week is Raakesh Agarvwal. This designer is based in Delhi and known for his stunning red carpet Indian designer dresses. He was sorely missed at Lakme Fashion Week, however we can’t wait for him to make a strong comeback this week with a collection that will blow us away!

Raakesh Agarvwal mentioned that his upcoming show will focus on his styles when he first launched his label. For his first Indian designer dresses, Raakesh focused on party-wear and gowns, he then moved towards Bridal-wear for both women and men. The designer stated that he enjoys creating Bridal outfits because of the vast variety of options available for these particular items. His style consists of incorporating western contemporary looks with traditional Indian clothing. His dramatic Indian designer dresses for eveningwear have been predominantly gowns, corsets and stitched saris with vivid colours and delicate embroidery.

He gave us a brief hint as to his new Autumn/ Winter Collection at Wills Fashion Week where he will be using metallic gold, one of his favourite shades and a consistent part of his brand.

Raakesh is well known for his Indian designer dresses however he has also been expanding his jewellery line, which promises to be innovative and intriguing, the theme of the jewellery line being futuristic fashion. Raakesh stated that his jewellery is a break away from traditional Indian jewellery.

To add further excitement for Raakesh Agarvwal’s collection, he is also featuring a new range of accessories, belts, bags and boots.